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News : March 24, 2009
Content and layout of site has been updated.

News: January 29, 2008
Last night was my first class of "Advanced Web Development 1". I will be learning how to build interactive ASP.Net web applications. Of course it was a total disaster; many of the people in the class do not have any knowledge of basic HTML, let alone how to turn a computer on. Perhaps I am being too harsh but the instructor spent more time explaining what CSS is and how style sheets work than exploring ASP.Net. Note: When the instructor needs to explain the difference between <> | ( ) | {} to you, that should be your first clue the class is too advanced. On the up side I ended up explaining the process to the guy next to me after I did the exercise, so I got a double helping if you will. Hopefully next week will be better.

News: January 25, 2008
Ski Trip # 5 - The slopes were AMAZING!!! I miss skiing with Alan, but still had a nice time.

News: January 24, 2008
It's my brother's birthday today. I think he is 35. - I'm a crappy little sister! lol
My boyfriend has left me; he went to Florida on "business" he'll be back next week.

News: January 18, 2008
Ski Trip # 4 - Burrrrrrrrrrrrr its cold up on the chair lift.

News: January 11, 2008
Ski Trip # 3 - The snow all melted! Did not get out on the slopes at all, it was like someone spilled a slush puppy. The snow boarders loved it!

News: January 06, 2008
Wow! I had a moment free to update my site!!!!!!
Check out my new "Shoe of The Week", be envious, very envious...My shoes rule!

News: January 04, 2008
Ski Trip # 2 - I didn't get new skis for x-mass, or boots. Maybe next year.

News: January 01, 2008
Happy New Year! I had the best NYE ever, and I am a very happy camper - My 2008 outlook is first-rate.

News: December 27, 2007
Ski Trip # 1 - It was so much fun to be back in the slopes again, and the Ski Club Kids are growing on me.

News: December 25, 2007
Merry X-Mass - I got Ice Skates, a Pink Thermos, and a Food Processor!

News: September 19, 2007 is LIVE!

News: September 16, 2007
World Premier of "You Are Here"- playing at the Maple Theatre, Bloomfield Hills, MI.
Go See It!!! Only Showing For a Limited Time:
3pm - September 17th - 19th (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
7pm - September 20th (Thursday).

News: September 10, 2007
Natalia and I are participating in a "Shoe Exchange"! This is a good way to incorporate New-to-You shoes into your wardrobe while eliminating those gently worn shoes that you no longer wear, you know - the ones just cluttering up your closet. If interested in participating please send me an e-mail with the subject Shoe Exchange we have shoes ranging form size 6 to 7. At the end of the exchange cycle any remaining homeless shoes will be donated to charity.

News: August 22, 2007
Working on as well. I am hoping to have that site up and running with some merchandise for sale soon. I need to integrate ACheshireCat with LucentReflection

News: August 20, 2007
Charlie my 17-year-old cat passed away in his sleep.

News: August 18, 2007
Missed out on the Dream Cruise this year. The carburetor in the Valiant broke and I could not find the parts needed anywhere. Stock Holley Carb part # 1920 form a Slant6. After doing a video shoot for Delirium Films down town Detroit I took the girls for a walk along Woodward so I at least saw some cool cars. Lots of station wagons this year - I guess they are becoming popular again.

News : August 15, 2007
I spent most of the day working on LucentReflection, trying to recover content form my old 'Center Stage' page.

News : August 14, 2007
Today I entered my dogs, Indy & Mushka, in the Mega March 2007, please sponsor our walk: Click Here to visit my Personal Page

News : August 06, 2007
I came up with a new design for