Dj J9

City Club

I started my residency at City Club in the summer of 2000. I was introduced to the club by my cousin back in 1993 and spent many weekends dancing in the corner. When I moved away for college I took a break form the club but upon moving back to Detroit in October 1998 I became a regular again. Being informed by Eric (Dr.Zero) there was a need for a back up Dj, he knowing I had experience as Radio Dj and a vast collection of Goth and Synthpop music, I submitted a demo to management and was hired. There had not been a female DJ at City Club for many years before I came on the scene.

During my set you are bound to hear a few unexpected songs, not the same old VNV. There is a request sheet at the DJ booth and I am open-minded to suggestions, but may not own the song you are requesting. Each DJ has her or his own set of music and style.We know what will clear the dance floor.