The Menagerie


A white homing pigeon...

G.T., Georgia, Pixie, Goldie & Rosy

Ringneck Doves...

Reese & Gigi + Portabella!

September 26th 2009 I adopted two guinea pigs from a local rescue. These two girls were elementary classroom pets that the teacher did Reese is my pudgy pig, she is very uniquely marked; broken Chocolate & Buff. She is very mellow and laid back. I think that’s why she gets along with Gigi so well. A few months later I decided to adopt another guinea pig form Craig’s List. December 3 2009 I went to pick up Portabella, a beautiful eight-month-old TSW sow. Her markings are very striking and lovely; she is such a sweet little pig.


Hatch on New Years Day 2009!!! Asti came from a single egg clutch laid after Lucky and Truffles. Asti is very sweet, and is content to sit on your hand. He is still with the parent’s months later – they did not push him out like they did with the first two juveniles. Asti and Edel often share the nest sitting upon the faux wooden eggs. Asti is small in size like Truffles, but not as dark, but not as light as Lucky. – I’m fairly certain there is a hidden Ivory gene in Strack.

Lucky & Truffles

The first egg to hatch of Edel & Stack's second clutch was Lucky Dove. The day after Thanksgiving I got out of work early and went home only to find a little yellow hatchling had fallen through the grate in the cage and was laying on the cold metal bottom. A quick warm up in my hand and back under the daddy bird he went. Luckly my little Lucky was lucky I got home when I did to find him.

Two days after Lucky hatched Truffles popped out of the second egg. Truffles is fearless and adventurous, for the younger hatchling she did everything first. Truffles is darker grey brown in color and a smaller size compared to Lucky, I think Truffles may be a female.


I found a dove on as a new friend for Edel shortly after Weiss passed. I though it fitting that Eva (the person who started this dove mess) name him – Strack. I’m still not sure what he is...possibly an ECD Blond Ringneck Hybrid, but definitely a male. He coos all hours of the night and is a very silly bird.


My two lovely female white Ringneck doves were a gift from my friend Eva in late 2000. Her mother had purchased them for her and all the cooing was driving her mad – so they ended up permanent residence in the Menagerie. Thought to be a breeding pair at first, but I soon realized the truth when I saw that the "male" had laid eggs! Sadly Edel's cage mate Weiss passed away September 2008.


Indy was a street dog that was picked up by animal control; she was scheduled for euthanasia due to overcrowding at the pound. A local rescue stepped in at the last moment and placed this young 9-month-old dog into a foster home. Indy being a big goofy puppy kept knocking down the foster families 2-year-old daughter, so she was placed into a second foster home. The next place Indy lived had an Alpha Rot. female that would constantly fight with her, and living in Romeo, there were no fences so the two dogs would run all around. A neighbor threatened to shoot either dog if he saw them near his horses again. That's when I took her as my foster. She was a great dog, got along amazingly with my other dog (Mushka) and all five cats (4 of mine and 1 foster). I tried to place her a few times, but it never worked out. After 2 months of no interest from anybody the woman running the rescue said she was "hard to place because of her breed" and it was time to euthanize her!!!! Indy is a Lab-Pit mix and is so full of love, happiness, and affection it's almost sickening! I was shocked and outraged that a decision was made to put her down and there was no way I would ever let that happen to such a wonderful dog. So she found her forever home the moment we met, I just didn't realize it. Indy is my best friend and my comic relief; I couldn't imagine life with out her and those silly ears. April 1, 2007 Indy celebrated her 5th birthday!


Mushka was adopted from the Michigan Humane Society on December 9, 2001. At first it looked as if there were no puppies at all, but then I saw one little five-pound puppy sitting all alone in her cage. She looked very sleepy, and sad; her card was pink, but she did not have a name. The only information was that she was female, from an unwanted litter, and was a German Shepard & Siberian Husky Mix. Mushka has grown up into a wonderful sweet loving dog and everyone who meets her would agree. She is shy and yet playful at the same time and loves people to play ball with her. Mushka means, "little fly" in Russian. She is named after one of the dog's that went into space aboard Sputnik 6. She looks nothing like a German Shepard or a Siberian Husky - but more like a Greyhound! When people ask what breed she is I say: "German Shepard, Siberian Husky, Greyhound, Whippet, Dingo mix!

Kiva & Suchimu

Kiva is one of 'The Babies'. I adopted her and her sister from the humane society in January of 1999. I could not believe no one wanted these precious 3-month-old 4-pound kittens. They were the only ones left in the shelter that did not have a home, so I took them with me. Kiva is dark chocolate black and silky like a little panther with big bright round yellow eyes. I had trouble coming up with a good name at first. Kiva got her name from combining two: Kiri (kee ree) Japanese for 'Fog' (her pound name) and Veronica, I guess I watched Heather's one too many times. Who ever said black cats are bad luck has obviously never met my 'Mon-Ki' who is a silly, friendly, delightful, playful kitty. She is very attached and loves to be with me, defiantly mommy's little girl. Every place I go Kiva is sure to follow.

Suchimu is the other half of 'The Babies'. Her information card said she was three-months-old. In her kennel Suchi was playing with a toy, jumping around the cage, bouncing off the walls. When I got her home she turned into a shy quiet kitty, and her sister Kiva turned into the crazy cat. Suchimu is jet-black with white slippers on her front paws and gauntlets on her back legs. She has long white whiskers, a white belly, chest, and ear fur, plus a few longer white pieces of fur scattered on her backside. Little golden, almond shaped eyes are on her little pointy face. Suchimu (soo-chE-mo) is Japanese for 'Steam' (her pound name). It's a fun name to say and she has many nicknames. Most of the other animals in The Menagerie get nicknames with Mu at the end of them.