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Guinea Pig Bedding

Guinea Pig Bedding Covers are designed by a guinea pig owner (me) for guinea pig owners like you!

I like using fleece as a bedding option but it was a pain to sweep up the poops that fell into the cracks. Trying to keep the pigs from tunneling underneath the fleece was nearly impossible; and let's not forget the annoying 'chomp-chomp' sound on the Coroplast™ walls.

My covers are designed to make living with guinea pigs much easier. The entire coroplast base is covered with soft fleece; the walls are fitted so no more cracks for poops to go, no more tunneling under the fleece, no more chewed up Coroplast™, no more butterfly clips to hold the fleece in place.

As a bonus set up only takes a few moments.

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Say "Hello" to Reese, Gigi & Portabella they are my three guinea pig gals that inspirited me to make Guinea Pig Bedding, you'll see photos of them thought the site. I also have two K9 helpers; Indy helps during the cutting and sewing phase, and Mushka is my 'guinea pig' who checks the quality of the covers, and my name is Jeannine!